Who is a Teacher?

This is Part Two of the five different series article on the difference between a teacher and a tutor with the goal of improving your child’s performance in school.

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The concept of teacher and pupil is very old in all cultures across the world. However, in modern times, a teacher is an expert who helps students in grasping the concepts of academic subjects in classroom settings.

He follows a structured curriculum and sees to it that all the students in his class are able to understand the lessons he teaches. However, a teacher can be a person who makes the process of learning easier for individuals in all settings and the term is not confined to classroom settings only.

A teacher in a classroom setting is not just concerned with teaching as he has to keep records, control the students, conduct their behavior, and follow all instructions given to him while taking classes.

A teacher is required to have certain educational skills, and he must have passed certain exams to be eligible to become a teacher in a school.

The following is a highlight of who a teacher should be:

  • Teachers provide tuition to a large number of students; they are required to follow a standardized curriculum focused on specific academic standards. Their classroom should reach targets and this is done within a time limit.
  • A teacher must try and devise a method of teaching that fits most students.
  • Teachers will have to provide learning material that helps children with many different learning styles.
  • Teachers will adjust the pace to the classroom as a whole if the majority of students have understood the information the teacher can move ahead.
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In part two of this series, I present you with who a tutor is and the highlight of what makes a tutor.

You will be surprised to see how tutors in most cases are used and excited by what that means for improving performance.
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