Why Online Tuition Can be Cheaper Than Face To Face Learning

Today I will like to talk to you about why online tuition can be cheaper than face to face learning.

Since the onset of novel coronavirus, the whole world has undergone a revolution, and the earlier we respond to the changes that are happening in our world the better it is for us all.

When schools began to close their doors, parents all over the world have been looking for ways of teaching kids from home.

But whenever the question of home tuition is raised, it comes with the question ‘how much is it going to cost?’


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Post COVID, tuition operators who embrace online classes successfully will not be limited by space, rental costs and could therefore lower their rate, making tutoring affordable to meet every student needs.

For online classes, so much time could be saved for both the student and the teacher.

There is no time to rush from place to place and fewer reasons to miss a class.

For agencies like us, it also means we could get talent from anywhere, even from overseas.

As it stands, one big challenge we face is recruiting good teachers. It typically takes a while to get committed persons.

For older folks who may just need tips from a tutor once in a while, that will even be easier.

There are even recorded lessons online for self-motivated students.

You listen to advice and can skip the parts you do not need.

With flipped learning where students already have access to videos and learning materials, face time would be used mainly to clarify doubts.

In the long haul, going fully online will cost-less than face to face learning.

Rentals, like all other businesses, take up the bulk of overhead costs.

In contrast, a Zoom account ranges from being free to just US$14.99 a month to host 100 people.

There will be significantly fewer bills — such as electricity, printing and cleaning — to pay.

In fact, with less commuting required and paper used, online tuition can be the best option for parents and students.

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No Travel Cost

Affordable Tuition Rates

Personalized Coaches, Mentors, and Instructors

Customized Individual Lessons

Free Learning Materials, Videos and Quizzes

Comfortable Learning Environment

Convenient and Flexible

Experienced Tutors

Safe and Secure

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